What You Really Need Is a GOOD Idea



This is the day of fast, easy-pesy solutions. It doesn’t matter what subject you’re talking about. If you can do it quicker and easier, you’ve got yourself a sale. Quit smoking in 7 days beats quick smoking in 30 days. If someone comes up with quite smoking in 24hrs, they’ll put the other two out of business.

Writing an ebook over a weekend certainly beats writing the same book in 30-days, doesn’t it? I know because I wrote a book on writing that kind of book and sold it a decade or so ago. Obviously, we’re not talking about writing War and Peace over the space of 36-hours, we’re talking about a short read.

Doing something faster and easier than before is a good idea. Connect a good idea to a landing page and you can have thousands of subscribers in the blink of an eye.

What we’re seeing right now, however, are mostly “done over” ideas. It’s tough marketing those.

Do you follow what I’m saying?

The first few ideas out of the gate seem to be the game changers. The masses who follow with spinoff ideas of the originals are in a way – heating up leftovers in a microwave. The appeal seems to disappear during the transition from fresh to not-so-fresh.

My heart goes out to you if you’re late to the party, but even the best parties don’t last forever. The good food is the first to go and when you arrive later as opposed to sooner, you’re often picking through the leftovers.

If your product/service got drowned out by the noise that has become today’s media, take heart. You’ll have another chance. Just remember, you’ll never make headlines by following the leaders. You make them by becoming one yourself which means, at the very least, you need a thread of originality. You need a good idea that’s more than just a spin-off of what everyone else in your market is doing. At least, that’s the way it needs to appeal to potential customers and clients.

If you’re already established, this doesn’t apply so much to you as it does everyone else.  You already have a client base and you’re already making money. Your “good idea” can simply be staying consistent and finding better ways to deliver what you’re already good at.

photo credit: Celestine Chua via photopin cc

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