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Different Approaches to Personal Branding

By Jim Galiano | September 19, 2018

Back in my college days, branding was taught with an emphasis and focus on designs, color, and various types of imagery. Today, it’s taught with more of an emphasis on …

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How Do You Get More Clients?

By Jim Galiano | September 15, 2018

How do you get more clients? How or where do you find clients? How do you build your base and take your business from part-time to full-time income? Searching for …

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Pushing Just Beyond Your Comfort Zone

By Jim Galiano | September 12, 2018

In the early years when I first started my business, I wanted to run before I walked. I guess you can imagine how that turned out? Even so, when I …

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freelance business model

Digital Agency vs Freelancer Business Models

By Jim Galiano | September 9, 2018

What’s the best way to sell your services online? Should you build a freelancing business or go all out and build a digital agency? What are the pros and cons …

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Create Your Freelance Authority Presence

By Jim Galiano | September 5, 2018

In today’s podcast, I want to talk about building a “Freelance Authority Presence.” I’m really excited about sharing this information with you. I believe it can transform the way you …

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Will a Decline in Social Media Affect Your Online Business?

By Jim Galiano | September 1, 2018

Will the decline in Facebook usage combined with the decline in organic reach affect your online business? Let me start by saying, social media (Facebook in particular) transformed the way …

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