Want to Be Effective This Year? Then Develop Your Own, Unique Marketing Style

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Years ago a boxer named Rocco Marchegiano (who went on to become Rocky Marciano) walked into a gym and stepped through the ropes to show legendary trainer Charley Goldman what he could do for the very first time.

Afterwards Goldman told Angelo Dundee, his assistant, “I gotta guy who’s short, stoop-shouldered, balding, got two left feet and, God, how he can punch.”

Goldman was a world-class trainer who didn’t try to make fighters something they weren’t. In other words, Marciano would never be a “float like a butterfly” type of fighter. He would never be a master boxer. He just didn’t have the makeup to do that. Instead, Goldman immediately recognized Marciano’s power and built his fighting style around it.

So whether we’re talking about fighting styles, methods, or marketing styles – certain approaches are much better suited for you than others.

It’s no different when it comes to social media, email marketing or building your overall business. The lack of what some now label as “authenticity” can ground your otherwise well-thought-out efforts.

Here’s an example of something developing right now. In 2017 almost every marketer, consultant and expert out there will tell you to experiment with live video. Some people will hear that and think, “I’ve got to make live video work for me if I want be relevant in 2017.

That’s ridiculous.

Is It A Good Fit For You?

Live video may be a really bad fit for you.

You can waste months of time, energy and effort trying to force round pegs into square holes as far as your marketing and promotion goes.

I’m not picking on live video or any other one specific thing. I’m looking at the big picture and comparing what’s happening now to what’s already happened in the past several years. There’s no such thing as “the only correct method, style or approach.”

I like the boxing analogy because my grandfather was a boxing trainer. In fact, he worked in the training camp of the World Heavyweight Champion, Jersey Joe Walcott. Jersey Joe ultimately lost the title to guess who? Rocky Marciano! If he were here he’d tell you, “Styles make fights.”

We’re All Fighters In Our Own Niche

When I started consulting with business owners I recognized the analogy to the fight game immediately. We each have our own natural gifts, strengths and weaknesses. Building a strategy around your natural strengths and skillset is much easier than following a blueprint someone else built around theirs. And yet, following a “leader” often amounts to doing just that.

In the online world, multiple channels present us with multiple opportunities. Your style will be a much better fit for certain platforms than it will be for others. That’s okay.

Follow your strengths and don’t be afraid to experiment with your own ideas. Use what you already have and you can easily adjust as you go.

If you’ve had any experiences along these lines, I’d love to hear about it!

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