The Tools for Your Success



Last week I was speaking to a friend about a program called “Ventura Publisher.” Back in the early 1990’s, this was “the program” to use for writing or publishing books. It was so expensive, at least for me at the time… I couldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. By the time the late 1990’s rolled around, I finally had some money to burn, so I went ahead bought it. Was I disappointed? Absolutely.

I think in the back of my mind I subconsciously believed buying expensive products and having the best of everything would make me capable of performing on another level. But that’s like saying buying expensive golf clubs will make you a better golfer. Or buying an expensive tennis racket will make you a better tennis player. These things can assist you in doing the job… but they do not create talent, know-how, ability or success on any level.

The tools are only as good or as effective as the person using them.

When it comes to the world of online publishing – the tools of the trade are cheaper than ever before. Not only are they cheaper, many of them are free! Content management and blogging systems such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are absolutely free.

The designs and themes available for each of these systems are very affordable and some of them are absolutely free as well. You can now create an online business at a fraction of what it would have cost you – even five years ago.

As I look back, I still marvel at how much time and energy I wasted in search of the “right tools” that would practically guarantee success. My focus was in the wrong area, which is why it took me so long to get going.

Here’s an excellent example about how your ability to focus plays such a large part in the outcome of the things you do. Until about a year ago, Tiger Woods seemed to be well on his way to surpassing and breaking all the records set by another all-time great – Jack Nicholas.  Then, the news of his infidelities went public. His image and reputation took a beating. While the details of the mess became cannon fodder for the press on nearly a daily basis, he took a break from the game. I can’t say that I blame him there.

Recently, he returned to the game and the PGA tour. Since his return, however, his level of play is far cry from what it used to be.

Same man, same tools, different outcome.

This is a perfect example of what an important role the mind and the ability to focus plays in a person’s life and individual situations. A focused individual can perform to the top of their abilities. An unfocused individual may not even be aware of what they’re actually capable of producing as some people go through their whole lives this way.

Many times, success or the lack of it has nothing to do with (the) not having the right tools, not having enough money or lacking in overall opportunity. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of dealing with and removing the things that are distracting you and affecting your ability to focus.

How far are you capable of going (with) in business and in life as a whole? It may all come down to your ability to focus and what you’re choosing to focus upon.

*(I’ll take your picture, while you take mine, By Lori Frary – Art Sarasota)

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