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Have you ever heard the saying, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago?” I’ve heard this quote/proverb several times over the last few months. It goes on to say, “The second best time is now.” If you listen to some people, right now isn’t a good time to start anything. They’ll tell you the economy isn’t right. Or they may tell you there’s too much competition.

I’ve learned to take a different approach. I believe anything is possible if you have the faith to step out, take action and follow through. Even a small step is better than no step at all. I’ve been launching websites, ebooks, courses and other products since the late 1990s in different niches, so I have a lot of experience to draw from in this area.



No matter what the job, the right tools can make a tough a lot easier. For example, WordPress Themes and plugins make the whole process of Internet Marketing much easier if you know how to use them effectively. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you already know exactly what I’m talking about. The right tool can save you time, energy and significantly reduce stress. It’s easier to ask others what tools are the best for your specific needs instead of wasting time and money experimenting with different solutions. There are a lot of tools available today to help you build an online business with more on the way. Recently, I spoke with a popular social media expert about what tools I should use on this site. Her advice saved me hours of research time and energy.



I don’t know about you, but in my experience, the more complicated things get, the more likely I am to take no action at all. There are just too many details to keep track of. The “shiny object” syndrome affects everyone on occasion. For example, about six months ago I was considering building another website to sell a course on. I even talked with another consultant who shared a simple marketing plan with me for that particular niche.

That night, I went to sleep feeling really good about moving forward with my idea. The next morning, I received an email some another person sharing another idea that caught my attention. This idea put the first idea into question. Idea #2 led me to question idea #1. I bounced around the two ideas over the next several days. I’m not saying that’s wrong because it’s better to take aim before you shoot, right? Unfortunately, during the course of the next few week, other ideas – all relating to my original idea, entered the picture. To say this muddied the waters would be a huge understatement.

After that, the regular busyness of life bogged everything down. That was six months ago. I never took action on the original idea and it was eventually buried underneath of pile of other things on the “to do list.”



If you want to learn how to do something, find one or two people who can teach you the in’s and out’s of the topic and learn from them. Books and courses are fine, too. The point is, you have to graduate from the classroom into real world action. With many people, the biggest hurdles won’t be a lack of access to the information or the tools they’ll need. The biggest hurdles will usually be mental ones.  This reminds me of the story of Wlad Klitschko, the current Heavyweight Champion boxer who has held the title for many years – dating back to April of 2006. After suffering three knockout defeats earlier in his career (the last two coming within 3 fights of each other), most experts ruled him out as a future champion. A change of trainers, however, turned everything around. With the help of a hall of fame trainer (the late Emmanuel Steward), Klitschko rebuilt his career from the inside out. He went on to win the title and become one of the most successful Heavyweight champions in the history of the sport.

A few minor adjustments can make a tremendous difference. In fact, in most cases, small adjustments are probably all most people really need.

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Jim Galiano

Jim Galiano is an Internet consultant, web developer, author and podcaster who started doing business online in 1998. His consulting, marketing and publicity services have been used worldwide since 2002. Jim has been interviewed by a variety of media sources including the Wall Street Journal and CBS News in New York.

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Jim Galiano is an Internet consultant, web developer, author and podcaster who started doing business online in 1998. His consulting, marketing and publicity services have been used worldwide since 2002.

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