Should You Consider Lightening the Load in 2018?



I practically preach the concept of building an online business with less moving parts at this point in my 19-year career. Let me explain why. Whatever you build, you have to maintain. I am talking about the time it takes to participate in and maintain groups, forums, social media profiles, mailing lists, emails, websites, blogs and blog posts, client projects, changes in tech, changes in the marketplace, new products, etc. The list is getting longer, not shorter.

Is it any wonder by the time you get to important tasks, you are no longer able to give it your very best? You are no longer functioning at 100%. According to neuroscience, we have an increased sense of overwhelm, uncertainty and anxiety in 2017. The point is, limiting our choices and focus reduces overwhelm – which reduces uncertainty, which reduces anxiety. With that in mind, what better time will there be to start planning a course correction in your journey than right now?