Selling Systems for Online Freelancers

In today’s podcast, I will be talking about how you can build an effective selling system for your online services business.

Yes, you love to create things. You have an eye for color, you write the code that makes things work, etc. I get it.

But, guess what? You have to sell everything!

Or, we can put it this way – EVERYTHING MUST BE SOLD. Nothing sells itself.

From the first contact to the signing of a contract, without the right process in place, you’ll need three lifetimes to make the kind of money you’re probably looking for.

The truth is, most freelancers don’t have a system they can rely on to bring a steady stream of leads and prospects. The good news is, you don’t have to be a master marketer or sales person to make this happen. What you DO need is a system.

Are you ready for some change in your life?

That and more in this episode.