Selling On Facebook



You don’t have to be a social media expert to make money on Facebook. Some people are using Facebook in a way that’s very similar to Craig’s List. They’re listing cars for sale, apartments or homes for rent… and even little knickknacks.  If you have quite a few friends, you’d be surprised how quickly the word can get out among your network.

Many people on Facebook make the mistake of immediately trying to sell things to people they don’t actually know and overlook the “social aspect” of the site completely. If you want to make money online and intend on using Facebook as a tool for doing so, you’re going to have to take the time to be social with others! There isn’t a shortcut. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and they immediately try to sell their product or service. There are millions of websites already doing the same thing. Regardless of what you’re selling, there are already crowds of people out there with the same or similar products.

Take the time to say, “Hello” and interact with people. If they seem uninterested in doing the same, move on. Generally, people have the “what’s in it for me” approach times ten when it comes to their online activities, what they support and buy into… and what they pass on in favor of something else.

The same social skills that enable you to connect with people offline will come into play when you interact with them on Facebook. If you try too hard, people will sense it and what could have been a good opportunity will be wasted. When it comes to the photos you upload into your photo albums, consider the message you may inadvertently be sending to others. In many cases, it would be better to keep one profile for friends and family… and another for your business.

In some cases, Facebook profiles will play a large part in determining who “not to do business with” at a future point in time. Whatever you say or whatever pictures are posted in public on Facebook have come back to haunt more than just a few people!


*(Artwork – Camaro Parking Only, By Lori Frary – Art Sarasota)

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