Publicizing Your Offline Business in the Online World



Using the Internet to create publicity for your offline business can work a lot faster once you understand the mechanics of the online world.  In the Online world; facts, figures, and information are churned out throughout the day at a frenzied pace. The attention span of those reading and assimilating this information is shorter than ever before. According to statistics, the average person has to see the same message up to 7 times before they actually digest its content.

Back in the old days, everyone used to listen to local, FM radio stations. They’d play the same songs over and over again. Eventually, certain singles would rise to the top and become hits. You see, the principle is the same whether you’re talking about images, audio or video. The more you’re exposed to the same message – regardless of the medium, the more ingrained it becomes.

Recently, new statistics were released. According to the new study… the average person now has to be exposed to the same message  – UP TO 12 TIMES before the message is internalized and digested!

What does this mean for your online publicity campaign? Do you want new customers and clients knocking on your door, supporting your events, buying your products and recommending what you’re offering to others?  Of course you do. How can you realistically accomplish this?

By staying on message!

What’s your message to the world? What is the #1 reason people should buy your product and not the next person’s?  Unless you have the time and energy to pump multiple messages out into the online world – dozens upon dozens of times… staying on message is so important, your businesses offline survival may literally depend on it one day (if not already).

One message – delivered dozens of times on forums, blogs, websites, social media networks, etc., that’s what works in 2010.

In my own case, I sell multiple products and services. But my central message is very clear and very simple. I’m an Internet Publicity Consultant. I make the online world work for your offline business.

Do I offer design services?


Email Marketing?


Press Release Publicity?


But as you can clearly see, those are way too many messages to promote successfully. Instead, I had to force myself to pick one.

The good news is, most of your competitors don’t have a clue as to how to use the Internet effectively for their offline businesses. They’re just groping in the dark, the blind leading the blind. Forget about them for now. They’re blasting a different message into the cyberspace every other day and people are too busy and too inundated with other things for any of it to stick.

You must be different. Take the next week and really craft a message you can get behind – both logically and emotionally with some energy and enthusiasm.

If you stick with it and maintain a positive attitude throughout this process, the results will more than speak for themselves!

*(Artwork – The Supervisor Miss Carol, By Lori Frary – Art Sarasota)

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