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High Pressure – Something Has To Give

You have a skill you’ve built a business around. You’re experiencing some level of success. You’re connected to or partially connected to a group of people, a market, or a niche of some kind. You’re moving forward, but you’re really starting to feel the pressure.

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Shifting Your Business Strategy

If you’re juggling too many projects and always seem to have too many tasks piling up on to-do lists, now is a good time to reassess your overall strategy. I say this because as we’ve entered the second month of the new year, people are

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Rethinking Your Strategy – From the Ground Up

“A vision without strategy remains an illusion” – Lee Bolman “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do” – Michael Porter There was a time when “let’s just wait and see how things work out” was my go-to strategy. When nothing much seemed

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Geek Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Recently, while talking with a prospective client, they asked, “Why should we pay x-number of dollars per month for someone to tick a few boxes and click update?” It was a direct question, not meant to offend. After I shared the complete picture of running

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What Do Businesses Want in 2019?

While it’s obvious that most businesses are looking to do better in 2019 than they did last year, I believe that’s just scratching the service. Experienced business owners have heard all the various sales pitches and presentations over the years. I believe the future belongs

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The Solopreneur Guide to Relationship Marketing

After over twenty-plus years of marketing, a few things really stand out. First, it’s easier building a memorable personal brand than it is building a memorable corporate brand. In a corporate environment, everyone’s replaceable – even the CEO’s. And second, a personal brand, can engage

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Jim Galiano helped me launch an effective website presence in a very short period of time. Having been in business for many years, I can tell you – there are very few people like him who are fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

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