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The Tools for Your Success

By Jim Galiano | September 18, 2010

Last week I was speaking to a friend about a program called “Ventura Publisher.” Back in the early 1990’s, this was “the program” to use for writing or publishing books. …

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Direct Marketing

By Jim Galiano | August 29, 2010

The best way to make money for your offline business – regardless of the business type, is to do so as a direct marketer.  A direct marketer focuses upon a …

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Publicizing Your Offline Business in the Online World

By Jim Galiano | August 11, 2010

Using the Internet to create publicity for your offline business can work a lot faster once you understand the mechanics of the online world.  In the Online world; facts, figures, …

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Selling On Facebook

By Jim Galiano | July 25, 2010

You don’t have to be a social media expert to make money on Facebook. Some people are using Facebook in a way that’s very similar to Craig’s List. They’re listing …

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Building The Perfect Business

By Jim Galiano | July 23, 2010

When I started my first business as a young 20-something, I worked a lot of hours for very little profit. Come to think of it, there wasn’t any profit at …

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Conversation Marketing – Facebook Style

By Jim Galiano | June 27, 2010

I originally signed up with Facebook back in September of 2009. I wasn’t in a hurry to engage in social networking because I was already running over a dozen websites …

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