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A Less-Stress Business in 2018

By Jim Galiano | November 29, 2017

Put each of your online business activities under a microscope. The goal is simple. Going into 2018, you want to have the leanest, most profitable version of your business as …

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Should You Consider Lightening the Load in 2018?

By Jim Galiano | November 22, 2017

  I practically preach the concept of building an online business with less moving parts at this point in my 19-year career. Let me explain why. Whatever you build, you …

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Develop a Better Freelancing Business

By Jim Galiano | November 15, 2017

  You have probably heard that Freelancers struggle to get new business clients? Maybe you’ve even been told that freelancing is strictly a route for newbies and people in 3rd …

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Let’s Talk about the Online Freelancing Journey

By Jim Galiano | November 8, 2017

  Many of us started out in our online journey as freelancers. I’m talking about a one-person business who has to juggle multiple responsibilities while keeping everyone happy in the …

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Your Unique Path to Business Success

By Jim Galiano | November 1, 2017

  If there was a business book that could take you by the hand and lead you down the path to online business success, I would tell you to buy …

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The Next Chapter in Your Business Life

By Jim Galiano | October 25, 2017

  Turning the page and getting started on a new, exciting phase in your business is what makes the entrepreneurial journey like no other. Some projects have a short-lifespan. Accept …

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Jim Galiano helped me launch an effective website presence in a very short period of time. Having been in business for many years, I can tell you - there are very few people like him who are fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

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