With less moving parts, less overhead and less headaches


From Chaos to Order – My Online Journey

By Jim Galiano | August 2, 2017

  Some people say I suffer from A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). I say, forget the labels. If you’re a multi-project person, come to grips with your weaker areas and learn …

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Online Business – The Soldier to General Transition

By Jim Galiano | July 26, 2017

  Online business and business in general has changed a lot over the years. If you want to a make forward progress, prosper in a tough economy and experience a …

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Local Business Building “Secrets”

By Jim Galiano | July 19, 2017

  Building a business with less overhead and less moving parts doesn’t happen by accident. Actually, building any kind of business doesn’t happen by accident. All the happens by accident …

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Jim Galiano helped me launch an effective website presence in a very short period of time. Having been in business for many years, I can tell you - there are very few people like him who are fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

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