Online Business – The Soldier to General Transition



Online business and business, in general, has changed a lot over the years. If you want to a make forward progress, prosper in a tough economy and experience a life has adds to the lives of the those around you – please consider the principles I’m going to discuss with you in today’s podcast.

I started my own business with a soldier’s mentality. I fought my own wars, followed the plans that others laid out and so forth. One person can only do so much. Even though we understand this, making the necessary transition isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Consider the “Player/Coach” as another example. It’s difficult to be in the actual game and coach the team simultaneously. It’s not just a matter of better time management, either. It’s a matter of personal, internal resources. Whether you make the change now or sometime in the not too distant future, the time you spend preparing yourself will most definitely not be wasted.