More Than Numbers



A social media campaign can increase your numbers quickly on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. As people are quickly finding out, however, marketing is more than just a numbers game. Unless you connect with your audience – you’re just another number. You follow them, they follow you, and neither party knows the first thing about the other.

The second part of the equation is converting your new friends into new clients. There are more than just a few people on social media right now with 4,000+ friends or followers who are barely eking out a living. Their sales volume is the same as when they had 100 friends or followers. As you can see, marketing is more than just numbers.

If your audience of 500 isn’t responding to your message, increasing that audience to 5,000 isn’t going to increase your sales. It’s just going to increase the number of people not buying what you have.

Instead, test whatever it is you’re hoping other people will respond to. Having a small audience to test your “message” with is a blessing in disguise. If your marketing message is weak, the less people exposed to it – the better! That’s because you may never have a second chance to change their initial impression about you and what you’re offering.

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