Marketing Wisdom – Be the same… but different

I got a really good piece of business advice, way back in 1986. I was told, “Be the same, but different.” People are drawn to familiarity… but intrigued by uniqueness. If you “mimic” another business’ style and marketing too closely, you’re going to come across as a cheap copy. You initially learn something new by copying. That includes learning to speak as a baby to learning how to sell yourself as an adult.

Sooner or later, however, your own personal style has to evolve. If your style isn’t “making it,” instead of getting frustrated and giving up, go back and tweak little things here and there. Life and business isn’t one big game with everything riding on your making “one big shot.” It’s a series of little games that make up one, large season.

If you found yourself sitting on the bench the last decade, hopefully you watched and learned while you were there. The time will come when your name will be “called” and you’re going to be back in the game again! Who cares what happened yesterday? You were facing a different situation under different circumstances. Even if every moneymaking venture you ever attempted went up on smoke, today still presents a unique set of circumstances – and you still have yet another opportunity to get it right.

Listen, you can go to seminars and read books all night long – making plan after plan, determining what you’re going to do next. The smallest action, though, can have a greater impact than all the books, DVD’s and seminars out there.

Unless you’re pioneering something brand new that’s never been heard of before, if you’re going to succeed in business, you may want to consider the advice I was given over 20 years ago.

“Be the same, but different…” How do you do that? That’s something everyone has to discover for themselves. 🙂  Chances are, you know you’re unique… but uncomfortable showing it.  Just remember, though, that nothing’s memorable about just another “copy” or “clone.”

Jim Galiano

Jim Galiano is an online consultant and author who began doing business online in 1998. His consulting, marketing and publicity services are focused in the area's of SEO and website publicity. Jim has been interviewed by variety of media sources including the Wall Street Journal and CBS News in New York.

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