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A few years ago my partner, Lori Frary and I, had an "awakening" of sorts. It was the realization that the social media sites we'd once counted on to promote our products and services were changing. And not for the better. The increased throttling of posts and pageviews started working against me, pushing me towards their pay-to-play system. The increase in "social noise" compounded the effect.

The writing was on the wall.

The days of free, effective, mass social reach were coming to an end.

My name is Jim Galiano, and I’ve been marketing online since the late 1990s. I’ve watched windows of opportunity open, and I’ve watched them closely. Not just for myself, but for my client base, too. Over the years I’ve worked with big, national brands, locally owned small businesses, and everything in between. They all had one thing in common. They all wanted to reach their target market, test ideas, promote products  & events, etc. without breaking the bank.

Social media worked fairly well for all the above (until it didn’t). What were the alternatives? Video was an attractive option. Especially if you can crank out a new video every week. The problem is, a good video takes time to produce. Not only that, watching videos can be time-consuming for an audience, too. The average video watch time is only a few minutes. Audio, on the other hand, was a different animal altogether. With podcasting, people can listen while they driving, walking the door, working around the house, etc. 

It’s a time-efficient form of communication. It’s portable, requires less bandwidth, and so on. On paper… everything looked pretty good! So, I started my journey.

Stand Out from the Social Media Noise

My podcasting journey began in July of 2017.  Right from the start, I choose a SOLO format. Lori preferred creating recordings with a friend. Neither of us had the time to line up interviews week after week. We already had plenty of things on our weekly to-do lists, including clients we work with. I had just enough time to create a few notes on the fly and hit the record button. 

At the time I thought – Most podcasts are interview-style already, so why not experiment with a “solo-podcast” and see what happens? Guess what? IT WORKED. 

I believe it can work for you, too. Consider this – as of this writing, there are over 500-million blogs online. According to Google, however, they’ve only indexed around 2-million podcasts.  With a podcast, there’s a fraction of the competition to deal with. Also, according to Apple’s stats, less than a million podcasts are active!

Can this work for you? Absolutely! As long as you’re willing to stick with it and “work it,” you can build an audience of regular listeners.

Jim Galiano | Help for Freelancers & Solopreneurs

Build an Audience of Listeners, Supporters, Customers or Fans

Enjoy the kind of REACH (or greater) that used to be possible through traditional social media without taking out your credit card. Get your message in front of an ever-growing number of people who no longer spend time on social media.

Build Authority Across Multiple Networks

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've heard influential business people say, "You have a PODCAST?!" Podcasting is seen as an authority platform. It can open doors to networks of successful people you might otherwise never reach.

Jim Galiano | Help for Freelancers & Solopreneurs
Jim Galiano | Help for Freelancers & Solopreneurs

Build a Profitable, Personal or Business Platform

It's not a secret. People buy from and do business with those they know, like, and trust. Podcasting can give you the platform to build a genuine connection with your listeners. Stop chasing money. Build real connections with real people and the income opportunities will FIND YOU.

What else is included?


Jim guided me through the entire podcasting process from start to finish. Setting everything up and getting started couldn’t have been easier.  When I told my business associates that I had started a podcast, I was surprised by their response. They were genuinely impressed!

Now, I’m starting to reach a new audience of listeners! If you want to get started quickly, I highly recommend Jim’s new course.

Mary McAndrews
Skincare Specialist

The Learn to Launch Your Podcast course gives you everything you need to successfully launch a podcast in any niche. This mini-course touches on all the important points without overwhelming you with too much information.

This course will also help you plan out your podcast from a business and marketing perspective. Jim covers the various ways to make money, sell sponsorships, etc. He also covers how to set up the systems and platforms you’ll need to get started quickly!

Lynn Hardy
Health & Wellness Author

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