Is Your Online Business Wearing You Out?

I guess time will tell, but it almost seems as if we’re in the middle of some kind of awakening as we make our way through 2018. As more people begin to rethink the popular business models and practices of the day, the more certain problems become painfully obvious.

Business owners are burning out in larger numbers than they have in the past. Instead of letting things go, the to-do lists are growing exponentially. There is a better way? I believe so. And I believe it has everything to do with following your unique path and following your intuition. If that sounds like something you’d like to hear more about, you’ll enjoy today’s podcast!

2 thoughts on “Is Your Online Business Wearing You Out?”

  1. Hello ,

    I saw your tweets and thought I will check your website. Have to say it looks very good!
    I’m also interested in this topic and have recently started my journey as young entrepreneur.

    I’m also looking for the ways on how to promote my website. I have tried AdSense and Facebok Ads, however it is getting very expensive. Was thinking about starting using analytics. Do you recommend it?
    Can you recommend something what works best for you?

    Would appreciate, if you can have a quick look at my website and give me an advice what I should improve:
    (Recently I have added a new page about FutureNet and the way how users can make money on this social networking portal.)

    I have subscribed to your newsletter. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Maybe I will add link to your website on my website and you will add link to my website on your website? It will improve SEO of our websites, right? What do you think?

    Jan Zac

  2. The most reliable method of gaining traction also takes the longest. Create content (text, video or audio), post it on your site… and follow the basic rules of SEO.
    Have Google Analytics installed, even if you prefer other alternatives. If you ever think about selling your site in the future, Google Analytics is the first thing a prospective buyer will want access to.
    Podcasting works really well for me. So does simple content creation.

    Having said all that, list building is a must. Even if you have a small list – you have to connect with your audience consistently as you move forward in your business. Email is more effective than any other method out there (including all the paid methods).

    At the heart of all, though, is this – you have to have a product/service/message that resonates with enough people to build a business around. Without that, no one reads, no one watches, no one subscribes and no one cares (okay, maybe 5 people read)… but you can’t build much with that.

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