A Solopreneur's Guide to Starting, Building and Marketing a Successful Digital Agency​


Dear Digital Business Owner, Home-based Solopreneur and everyone else in the digital trenches trying to build a successful online business:

In a way, I feel like I’m writing this to the younger version of ME who started in this business over two decades ago. That version of me was always looking for “an easy button.” It wasn’t that I was lazy. I wasn’t. My business just seemed to lack all the necessary elements my local competitors seemed to have. 

Nice office? Didn’t have it.
Ad Budget? Didn’t have it.
Experience? Didn’t have it.
Sharp looking website? I didn’t have that either.

How do you get around, past or through all of that? On top of that, others in my industry really seemed to be crushing it. Meanwhile, I was bootstrapping my way forward, making “micro-steps” in terms of progress. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was trying to build a business following the old, offline agency business model. That was a business model that required a significant overhead and a lot of moving parts to work properly.

I kept moving forward, though, until one day it hit me. What I was building was slowly sucking the life out of me. It felt like I was fighting for every single dollar I was making.

So, there I was. Building something (or at least trying to) that I was already growing to hate. Let me fill in a few blanks. My first “agency experience” occurred a decade earlier, way back in 1988. I was a young buck, entering the real world. What was that like? Busy, stressful, miserable, etc. For every project that came across my desk that I enjoyed, there were several others I totally hated. I’d sit in the agency’s parking lot every morning, waiting until the very last minute to punch in. At lunchtime, my girlfriend would visit me and we’d sit in my car together eating sandwiches. I squeezed every last second of freedom out of my lunch break before going back inside.

Most of the people who worked there were as unhappy as I was. The only thing was, they’d been in the industry for years already. I saw a future that I didn’t like.

So I quit.

Don't Build What You Can't Maintain

A decade later I found myself building the same kind of “beast” I’d escaped from in the late 1980s. I thought it would be totally different being the boss. It wasn’t. I was just eating a different flavor of BAD.

It would have been great if the circumstances played out like a movie. The kind where some kind of “secret” or magic “formula” is discovered that transforms everything overnight. Instead, I was one of the many digital pioneers, trying to strike gold (even copper would have been fine) in the early days of the Internet. There weren’t any well-traveled paths for me to follow. So, I created my own. I learned how to develop a business model that was a good fit for me instead of getting caught up with what everyone else was doing.

I wanted to build the kind of business that would give me the freedom of solopreneur with the earning power of an agency. I wanted to have a life that wasn’t business 24/7. I needed more than just knowledge to build what I wanted to build. I needed wisdom. To quote from the original Book of Wisdom –

“Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts. A wise man is mightier than a strong man. Wisdom is mightier than strength.” (Proverbs 24:3-5 TLB)

What's Different About This Course?

I know some people out there see all this course/success stuff as little more than recycled bull-droppings. They consider people like me to be dream-merchants, making a few bucks off the struggles of the naive and desperate. The truth, however, is that everything in life worth doing starts with some kind of dream or vision for the future. But the reality that brings us back down to earth is that – many of the traditional ways forward are a really bad fit for a lot of us. 

There’s nothing wrong with building a traditional agency business model – if you have the right internal makeup for it. I didn’t.

So, I set out to build something that, taking all of the other factors into consideration, could stand the test of time.
Something that wouldn’t lead to burn-out.
Something that wasn’t a continuous struggle.
And yes, something that would provide the financial freedom to enable me to live a debt-free life.

The key was to build something that felt like “me” to me.

If you’re still reading – let me go out on a limb and say, this course is for you. Will there be risk involved? Yes. Are there any guarantees you’ll get rich? No. What I can guarantee is that (if I’m striking a chord with you right now) I’ll probably be a very good fit for you – to teach you this business model. In this course, I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you how this business model works, step-by-step. 

From the ground floor foundation and up. 

I can guarantee that I can give you what few others can. I’m talking about the methods, systems and strategies that have allowed me to succeed in the agency business for over two decades. I’ll readily admit, God has blessed my efforts over time and has given me the inward strength to keep going through the thick and the thin. Nothing came instantly. So, if you’re struggling, I can empathize with you 100%. I’ve lived this business each and every day since the late 1990s. 

This course was designed to strike the balance between giving you what you need to build out your entire plan and system, without simultaneously drowning you with information overload.

In this 10-Module Course You'll Discover...

How to Set Your Pricing & Create Offers that are Hard to Refuse

In the real world there are big clients, little clients and everyone in between. That's why I believe in creating products and services that appeal to all three income brackets. Once you learn this system, you'll be able to create multiple offers for prospective clients to choose from and close more sales as a result.

How to Create a Simple yet Powerful Business Plan & Strategy

I'm talking about the kind of plan that would attract real world investors. Even if you're not seeking outside investment, your solo-plan will ensure you have all the components in place to maximize your chances of success right from the start. I learned this lesson the hard way. Get your plan on paper.

How to Get a Small Fortune in Free Publicity for Yourself & Clients via the Mainstream Media

I'll show you how I've built a huge list of media contacts over the years and how to write a press release that can lead to a small fortune in free publicity - just like the big companies do. I've been on TV, Radio, in Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs, Online Media, etc. It's not a cure-all, but it sure can help. I show you how to do this for yourself AND your clients.

How to Market Without Manipulation to Get Even Better Results

For some, marketing and manipulation are almost synonymous terms. You must be different. You can build your platform and reputation simultaneously by matching and fitting the right solutions with the right people. I'm going to show you how I do it. You will be a breath of fresh air to many in your marketplace.

That's just scratching the surface

You'll also learn

Wait, there's MORE

Jim Galiano’s award-winning expertise, his guidance, and long experience in the industry are well known to professionals where he is respected as an author of e-books, a creator of Websites and a manager of sites that have power in the marketplace because of his navigation skills. He’s certainly brought our publication into the professional world of Internet publishing. We realized our creative potential through Jim Galiano and we value our relationship with him.

Marsha Fottler
Publisher, Editor, Columnist

I feel lucky to have met Jim. He has the right knowledge to propel his clients to the next business level. Jim is amazing to work with – he is knowledgeable, energetic, professional, motivating and honest.
He explains everything about your project in detail, and he makes the process (from beginning to completion) easy to understand. Jim is always available with guidance and reassurance. His company’s customer service is unmatched.

Gina Babcock

You'll Receive the Complete Training

Each video lesson is designed to get right to the point. The videos shorter and easier to understand. You’ll be able to take action before “overwhelm” sets in.

You’ll have access to video lessons, mind-maps and live calls where your questions will be answers. Can’t make the live calls? Submit an email and your questions will be answered in the next session.

At the end of the program, you’ll be well on your way to having a complete, personalized solopreneur-styled agency that’s easier to manage and maintain. You’ll also have lifetime access to all future updates to this course.

Plus, plenty of downloads to help you

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