How to Beat the Marketing Madness Mindset



Sometimes you just have to get fed up and break the mold. I’m talking about the “inner-mold” that you’ve squeezed yourself into. That one that’s slowly sucking the air out of your business efforts. It doesn’t happen too much in the world of marketing because of fear. It’s similar to the fear of investing.

Some win.

Most lose.

But there’s something within you telling you, “It just might work for you if you get it just right.”

You can embark on a lifetime journey of trying to get it “just right.” But that’s like playing to not lose. You almost always do. Or you break even.

Yet, it’s hard to be aggressive with something you barely have a working knowledge of.

It was with that mindset that I began my education in marketing back in the early 1990s. Did I overthink it? Absolutely. And that’s exactly what’s bogging down most people today.

Today’s business world is filled with experts giving expert advice. When it comes down to everyday practice, however, there are no miracle formulas. There are only principles to follow. It’s like dating. Formula’s and one-liners work great in movies, but not so much in real life.

I think most people know these things deep down on in the inside, but it’s much nicer to think there’s an easier way. One that doesn’t rely upon us having to think things through.

The good news is, it doesn’t take 30-years to learn the principles.

Marketing principles haven’t changed much over the past hundred years. Sure, the platforms, designs and catchwords change, but everything else is pretty much the same.

Most books all say the same basic things using different words. I say that because I’ve been reading marketing books for over 30-years.

If you find yourself in a place where you have to become reacquainted with the process of doing your own thinking and planning without relying too heavily on the advice of others, don’t feel bad.

There’s an entire system built to make you feel that way. I know because I used to be a part of that system.

Where Should You Start?

So what’s the next step? Why not start by with headlines from your specific niche. Find headlines that speak to you. Find three headlines.

Then, rewrite them in your own words. Headlines are designed to get people’s attention. Headlines become subject lines on emails. Headlines contain words that attract people… so whether they’re written, in audio form or any other form – you can’t say anything to anyone without first getting their attention.

Don’t forget, principles – not formulas.

Once the headines are in your own words, you’ll probably notice most of the “punch” is gone from them. That’s okay. You’re learning. Go back and inject some new words (your words) back into the headline.

That’s how you learn, and after a half a dozen times, it gets much easier.

Most of today’s complex marketing systems are akin to the King having no clothes. And like the story, people are afraid to come out right out and say it.

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