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The best way to make money for your offline business – regardless of the business type, is to do so as a direct marketer.  A direct marketer focuses upon a specific niche or group of people.  These people may have certain interests, a particular affiliation, or even own homes within a specific locale in common. The target of a direct marketing campaign all depends upon the nature of the product or service that’s being promoted.

That’s direct marketing in a nutshell. Most offline businesses, however, are using “mass marketing” strategies to promote their offline products and services in the online world and the results are disastrous.  What is mass marketing?

Here’s a quick definition. Mass marketing is the broadcasting and publishing of your message through just about every type of media in existence. That includes radio, TV, newspapers, billboards, cable TV, flyers, Internet, etc. In other words, your goal is to reach millions of potential buyers, donors, consumers, etc. That’s great if you have store fronts and distributorships around the country or around the world. If the majority of your clients are local, however, using mass marketing techniques to reach a local market can really cost your business in more ways than one.

Most business owners aren’t marketers and don’t know the difference between direct marketing and mass marketing. They just lump everything under one heading – advertising.

They place ads here and there and spend the bulk of their budget trying to get their information in front of as many “eyeballs” as possible.

If their loosely designed campaign fails, there’s often not enough money left to roll out another campaign to keep the marketing and publicity process going. As a result, the business becomes isolated – unable to reach new prospects regularly and consistently with their message. Once that happens, the cash flow dries up and the closing of the doors isn’t far behind.

Direct marketing takes a much different approach. A direct marketer targets a specific group of people FIRST, and then designs a message for that specific group, not the masses. The message is then tested, relatively inexpensively on a small segment. If the ad generates the desired response, the same ad is then used to promote the products and services on a larger scale.

Everything is tested on the front end. That’s how a direct marketing campaign works – online and offline, too. Nothing is “rolled out,” so to speak, until it has been tested on a small scale. With mass marketing, the money is spent up front and the results evaluated at the finish line – at the end of the campaign.

Using only the Internet, you can develop a simple, inexpensive, direct marketing campaign. It can be as easy as collecting the names and email addresses of people who are interested in receiving your products and services and building a relationship with them via email, blogs, weekly or monthly tips, etc.

If you want to know more about how to use direct marketing online to publicize your offline business, click on this link and fill out your information =>>

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