Creating Content That Matters


If you’re going to create a blog, short publication, Kindle book or any other type of online publication, the first keystroke is made with the intention that the finished product will matter to people. After all, if the words don’t matter to people, by extension and within the context, it’s like saying – neither do you. Sure, that’s a little bit harsh, but it definitely illustrates a point. When your words make a difference in the lives of your readers, you make a difference. At the end of the day, at least for me, that’s what writing is all about.

Life is about making a difference. What happens, though, if you have nothing original to say? What if everything you have within you has been talked about, spoken about and written about a thousand times before?

What if none of your information is original?

If that’s you, don’t curse your misfortune. The truth is, nothing is new under the sun. If something that appears to be new (let’s say, a piece of technology) hits the scene, thousands will be writing about it, talking about it and blogging about it tomorrow.

I wrote my first publications over 15-years ago. Nothing I said was new at the time. It didn’t matter. The fact that I said it through the filter of my own personality was enough. I didn’t try to be funny, witty, spiritual or any of the other things many people strive for. My object then and now was simple authenticity. If funny, witty or spiritual comes out, fine. Either way, nothing’s forced.

Learning something new (writing, publishing, business, etc.) follows the same pattern as everything else in life. You learn by mimicking what others are doing. You try, fail, try, fail and eventually, you walk for the first time. Same thing with language.

Same goes for everything else. Once you’ve done it long enough, your personality will naturally put a unique slant on things – if you allow yourself to be yourself. The keyword here is “naturally.” The greatest journey you ever undertake will be one of self-discovery. Discovering who you are, who you serve and where you fit.

Many people, I’m talking about adult people, are still trying to be someone else. It took me awhile before I accepted the fact that God made me a unique individual (bad traits aside!) and that I’d never be successful being anyone BUT me. I laughing say it was a bit of a letdown at first. But over time I learned – being me wasn’t so bad.

When I allowed myself to be “authentically me,” the fact that I was writing about things thousands of others had written about before me didn’t seem to matter at all to my readers. They bought my products and liked them anyway.

What is the moral of the story? The uniqueness isn’t in what you say or do. The uniqueness is in the fact that it’s coming from you and your intention is to make a difference in another person’s life. With that foundation, even if the words are forgotten over time… you won’t be.

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