Changes in the Digital Landscape (A New Decade)

I believe a time is coming when we’ll look back at the past decade (2009/10 to 2018/19) and come to see or recognize it as “The Social Media Decade.” Maybe with time, the name will stick?

The end of the decade doesn’t bring with it the end of social media, but rather the phenomena of Social Media. The excitement with what was once seen as extraordinary now because ordinary. Even the biggest storms eventually recede in their intensity.

As a business owner, this requires an adjustment as a “new normal” begins to set in. Today, I’ll be talk about how we can view the present through the lens of the past. How boredom affects us and how we experience “growing pains” as we move through different phases of life and business.

Also, I’ll conclude by looking at what metrics you’ll want watch the most moving forward, no matter what type of content you’re creating or what size audience you serve.

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