Are You On The Right Road?



Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I on the right road?” When you think about all the time and effort you put into something, you eventually have to ask yourself the question, “Is my investment in time, energy and money paying off?” Granted, there are ups and downs with everything. Going through difficulties in any area doesn’t necessitate being on the WRONG road.

What does?

This is where the “mechanics” of the situation seem to vary from person to person.  Here are a few clues and insights you can use immediately.

  1. You’re miserable. This is the most obvious of all. You hate what you’re doing and dread going to work the next day. The end of your workweek is like coming up for air after being submerged in hours of misery.
  2. You get the inner feeling – “something just isn’t right.” You may be doing the very thing you’d like to be doing… but going nowhere in the process. What then? If you’re by yourself or on your own – that’s up to you. There are a lot of options. If you’re married with a family, your decision to stay the course in one area may drive you off the course in others.
  3. Inward intuition. You can’t explain it. Everything is going fine, but you’re not where you belong.

Consider this… there are times people are doing the right thing… they’re just doing it with the wrong people. In that case, the solution is simple. Change the crowd. This is easier said than done for most people because there’s a sense of security that goes along with familiarity. The “familiarity” factor may be tied to people, a location or both. The factors that were present in your decision making yesterday may no longer be present today. It’s up to you to take a long, hard, honest look. Once you have, you can hit the reset button and begin moving forward again.

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