Losing And Gaining Readers & Followers

If you’re a blogger, writer or publisher… you will eventually be faced with the question – “What causes my site to attract or lose readers or followers?” It’s a fact, sites that once attracted large audiences can eventually dwindle and sometimes even die. The reasons for this and how you respond to them can ultimately […]

Creating Content That Matters

If you’re going to create a blog, short publication, Kindle book or any other type of online publication, the first keystroke is made with the intention that the finished product will matter to people. After all, if the words don’t matter to people, by extension and within the context, it’s like saying – neither do […]

What It Takes to Get Results

I learned what worked by learning what didn’t. In spite of reading book after book on marketing, branding, copywriting, business and direct marketing many years ago – I still made mistakes. It was then that I discovered the difference between – “knowledge and know-how.” Knowledge is really nothing more than data or information. It’s static. […]

More Than Numbers

A social media campaign can increase your numbers quickly on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. As people are quickly finding out, however, marketing is more than just a numbers game. Unless you connect with your audience – you’re just another number. You follow them, they follow you, and neither party knows […]

Rethinking Your Internet Marketing Strategy

The Internet is filled with people investing loads of time, energy and money into establishing, branding and promoting their businesses. Time, energy and money, however, will only be as effective as the “war strategy” used in deploying these resources. Being somewhat of a history buff… I’ve found the history of warfare to illustrate this. History […]

How To Use A Blog To Market Your Local Business

Most business owners don’t understand the power of implementing (by the way, I hate that word) a blogging platform into their marketing mix. Having a blog is a power way to promote a line of products and services more effectively. If you’re a journalist, writer or publisher – I’m preaching to the choir. If not, […]

The “Online” Land of Opportunity for New Businesses

Back the days of the Old West, gold was discovered in California by a man named Jim Marshall. The year was 1848. The gold rush had begun. It ended approximately seven years later. During that time, hundreds of thousands of people made the (sometimes) perilous journey to California in search of instant riches. While very […]

What They Didn’t Tell You About Information Publishing

The ABC’s of any subject give you the basics you need to get started. Basics are very important because that’s the foundation you build upon. In some cases, you don’t have to go far beyond the basics to excel in your chosen field or area. Sports provide many excellent examples of this. There have been […]